O l e u m  A r c h e r y

Kyudo, the way of bow, is a living tradition of meditative archery rooted in old worrier tranditions of Japan.
The perfect mastery of the bow was considered an art by the Samurai,
an art that knew no other goal than the highest experience of the here and now, of the moment as it is,  beyond any strategies of thought and concept.
Today, Kyudo is being practiced by thousands of people all over the world for their mental schooling as well as for their physical, mental and spiritual development
. The simple elegance of the movements, the beauty of the bow and arrows and the atmosphere of quietness
and dignity predominant in the practice of time and place, have a great fascination for those who wish to work upon the path of self-knowledge.

Japanese traditional archery comes from some of the mountain.
Therefore, I want to make different level each zone. It gives separation. The main purpose of this building is for athletes.
And also, the archery arena should be isolated; because, the archery needs calm. I made two main zones that are arena and the gallery.
The core courtyard gives us direction to where people go and also, it is a gathering space and open park.

Oleum comes from Hangeul which is Korean alphabet. It means the mountain. Many of Korean words come from the Chinese character.
However, this is not Chinese character. China, Japan, and Korea are related to culture and archery.
Those three countries have many mountains and they have similar with archery life in the past. The mountain gave them lots of things and they were also learned from the mountain. I hope people learn lots of thing from this area. Therefore, I decided to nae it the Oleum.

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