T o g e t h e r   N u r s i n g   H o m e

Together nursing home is located in Ann Arbor ,Michigan. The nursing home locates near the University of Michigan. This location has beautiful river at the west side.
The building is on the top of the hills. Therefore, it has nice views. The type of this building is nursing home and simultaneously can be residence of students. Most of students are volunteers for supporting seniors.
However, they are not paying for residence fee. All of students are attending the Michigan University. There are three types of room for seniors. All of rooms has balcony, bathroom, walk-in closet and small kitchen.
For students, there are two types of room. Those are different size of room with small bathroom. In this building, there are big dinning room, different types of rooms for therapy and activities. There are four or six assisted rooms that have one gathering space.
At the beginning of the project, I thought they need each other as supporters and advisors. Seniors need supporting from students and nurses.
Students may need some advices from old people. Lively students can help and support seniors as being together. In Asian culture, they are more concerned about their family.
Therefore, when parents decide to go nursing home leaving from their children, people think that they don’t care about their parents.
And most of seniors are also living a quiet life for the rest of days in the nursing home. Therefore, I want to get their lives back and break down the stereotype of nursing homes.
The concept is the house. I chose ideas of separation, protection and easy circulation from the concept. The idea of separation is that the building has different zones for users and provides individual rooms.
This separation protects their privacy. The idea of protection is that hills at the north side and buildings at the south side. It will help to feel being comfortable in building area as your home.
Easy circulation in the project makes you know every place like your house. Basically, I chose L-shape in the building and rotated whole building for getting sun light.
Each of four or six rooms have gathering spaces that help more feel being comfortable and their own house. Student area is located at north side near parking space for their privacy.
For being well-lighted, Senior area is at the south side. The activity rooms connect with students and seniors at second floor. The area of activity rooms can use all user in this building.
The location has issues that are deep slope, cold climate, flood zone, and hard to get sun-light. For solving these issues, building should be at the top of the hill and using concrete and metal structure.
Footings use more wider and deeper for protecting water flood. At the exterior, using wood and concrete are helping more brightness and warmth.

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